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Discover the untouched beauty of Kashmir through the captivating Nafran Valley trek. While the alpine lakes of Kashmir are renowned, Nafran Valley has much more to offer. If you believe that the Great Lakes of Kashmir and Tarsar Marsar hold the most pristine alpine lakes, then you haven’t witnessed the splendor of Nafran Valley.

Nourished by the Kolahoi Glacier year-round, Nafran Valley transforms into a vibrant paradise from July to September. The valley contains brilliant red, blue, purple, violet, white, and yellow floral plants in addition to beautiful green grass. The meadows of Nafran Valley surpass the Golden Meadow of Kashmir, Sonamarg, and the Meadows of Flower in Gulmarg.

Snow on Nafran Valley Trek

As the snow melts in early July, it reveals the silky carpets of Kashmir beneath. You can quickly reach Kashmir’s turquoise-blue lake by trekking through the Nafran Valley, where you can fully immerse yourself in this divine creation.

Camping amidst these soothing meadows, larger than the meadows of Lidderwat in Tarsar Marsar and Satsar in the Kashmir Great Lakes, is an unforgettable experience. Local Kashmiris will delight you with their specially prepared delicacies like Kashmiri Haak (a local green leafy vegetable) and Kashmiri Pickle, showcasing authentic flavors. Moreover, the fascinating view of the Kolahoi Glacier, which is similar to the Gaumukhi Glacier, adds to the charm of this alpine lake in Kashmir.

Harbhagwan Lake and Harnag Lake are the two alpine lakes that are visible during this seven-day trek in Kashmir. These crystal-clear lakes shimmer under the sun’s rays and transform into a mirror reflecting the galaxy and billions of stars at night, making Harnag Lake a haven for astrophotography enthusiasts.

The meadows of Nafran Valley are home to temporary settlements of shepherd communities who reside there from June to October in mud houses before descending to lower altitudes for the winter.

The Nafran Valley trek, an easy trek in Kashmir, showcases gushing streams, pristine pine forests, and picturesque grassy patches. If you seek seclusion in the scenic valleys of Kashmir, make sure to include the Nafran Valley Trek in your travel plans.

Highlights of the Nafran Valley Trek Package

There are several compelling reasons why the Nafran Valley trek should be at the top of your list:

Enchanting Scenery: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing landscape adorned with vibrant green forests, rolling meadows, and majestic snow-covered peaks. Nature enthusiasts will find this trek a visual delight.

Social Inundation: During the trek, go through authentic Kashmiri villages to get a close-up look at the way of life and culture there. Experience the glow and cordiality of local people firsthand.

Thrilling Challenge: For adventure seekers, the Nafran Valley trek offers an optimal level of excitement. With its moderate difficulty, featuring steep ascents and descents, it presents a satisfying challenge to push your limits.

Tranquil Retreat: Seek solace and serenity in the remote and peaceful Nafran Valley. Escape the chaotic city life as you bask in the tranquility of this pristine haven. It’s a potential chance to restore your psyche and soul.

Wildlife Encounters: Be prepared for remarkable wildlife sightings along the trek. From the graceful flight of colorful birds to the awe-inspiring presence of Himalayan bears and elusive leopards, the Nafran Valley is a natural habitat teeming with diverse fauna.

Unspoiled Splendor: Unlike heavily frequented trails, the Nafran Valley trek remains relatively undiscovered. This means you can relish the untouched beauty of the surroundings in its purest form, free from the footprints of mass tourism.

Cultural Significance: Nafran Valley Trek

The Nafran Valley Trek provides a glimpse into the region’s vibrant and varied cultural fabric and has significant cultural significance. You will encounter a variety of cultural elements as you embark on this adventure, which contributes to the trek’s singular charm. Here are a few parts of the Nafran Valley Journey that feature its social importance:

Conventional Kashmiri Towns: During the trek, you’ll pass through traditional Kashmiri villages where the people of the area live. These towns offer an opportunity to observe the valid rustic way of life, conventional engineering, and age-old traditions of the Kashmiri public. The villagers’ cultural practices, art forms, and culinary practices can be learned from interacting with them.

Warm Neighborliness: The Kashmiri people are renowned for their openness and warm hospitality. You will learn their tales and experience genuine hospitality as you travel with the locals. From enjoying customary Kashmiri cooking to being a piece of their merriments, the social trade adds profundity and wealth to the traveling experience.

Crafts and artwork: The exquisite art and handicrafts of Kashmir are world-renowned. As you travel through the Nafran Valley, you might come across local artisans demonstrating their abilities in woodwork, paper-mâché, carpet weaving, and intricate embroidery. Investigating these creative customs not just interfaces you with the social legacy of the district yet, in addition, upholds neighborhood craftsmanship.

Celebrations and Festivities: The Nafran Valley Trip gives valuable chances to observe or try and partake in neighborhood celebrations and festivities. Cultural celebrations that feature religious ceremonies, traditional music, and dance may occur at different times during your trek. The region’s cultural vitality and sense of community are on full display at these lively celebrations.

Customary Clothing: During the trek, you can catch a glimpse of locals wearing headscarves and pherans, which are long, loose robes. These customary articles of clothing not just mirror the social personality of the Kashmiri public yet additionally imply their versatility and association with their legacy.

Legends and Oral Customs: The oral tradition of folklore and storytelling that has been passed down through the generations in Kashmir is extensive. While traveling across the Nafran Valley, you might have the amazing chance to pay attention to enamoring stories and legends shared by local people, giving experiences into their convictions, history, and social qualities.

The Nafran Valley Trip is something beyond an actual excursion — a vivid social encounter permits you to interface with the social texture of Kashmir. From experiencing conventional towns to drawing in with nearby customs, the trip gives a stage to appreciate and commend the locale’s social variety, encouraging common comprehension and appreciation.


  • Accommodation: Enjoy 6 nights of tented lodging on a triple sharing basis.
  • Meals: All vegetarian meals from breakfast to dinner for the first day to seventh day.
  • Morning and evening tea/coffee are served with light snacks during the trek.
  • Camping Charges: All essential fees and permits for Indian residents are covered.
  • Safety Equipment: Basic first aid medical kits including an oxygen cylinder and an oximeter.
  • Expert Trek Leaders: Knowledgeable and experienced trek leaders and support staff.

Not Included

  • Personal Insurance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit

DAY 1 - Airport Pickup and Transfer to Aru Village

We will pick you up from Srinagar Airport and drive you to Aru Village, covering a distance of 100 km in approximately 3-4 hours. Enjoy an overnight stay at a comfortable homestay.

DAY 2 - Drive from Aru to Mondlan. Trek from Mondlan to Bhaj Margi

Embark on a scenic drive from Aru to Mondlan, followed by a trek from Mondlan to Bhaj Margi. 6.35 kilometers of the walk must be covered in roughly 6 hours. Experience an altitude gain of up to 10,470 feet and spend the night camping under the stars.

DAY 3 - Use the Arram Pathri Ridge to get from Bhaj Margi to the Nafran Valley

Continue your trek from Bhaj Margi to Nafran Valley, passing through the stunning Arram Pathri Ridge. Trek approximately 8 km for about 6 hours, reaching an altitude of 11,854 feet. Enjoy the beauty of the valley and spend the night camping.

DAY 4 - Harnag Pass is the route to Harnag Lake from the Nafran Valley

Embark on a trek from Nafran Valley to Harnag Lake, crossing the challenging Harnag Pass. 5 kilometers may be covered in around 5 hours, getting you to a height of 12,200 feet. Set up camp near the enchanting lake and soak in the natural surroundings.

DAY 5 - Trek between Harbhagwan Lake and Harnag Lake and Returning

Embark on an adventurous trek from Harnag Lake to Harbhagwan Lake, followed by a return journey to Harnag Lake. Trek is approximately 9 km, which takes about 8-9 hours and ascends to an altitude of 14,127 feet. Spend the night camping near the serene lake.

DAY 6 - Take a hike to Arram Pathri from Harnag Lake

Continue your trek from Harnag Lake to Arram Pathri, covering a distance of 7 km in approximately 5 hours. Descend to an altitude of 11,854 feet and enjoy the picturesque landscapes along the way. Spend the night camping in this tranquil setting.

DAY 7 - Trek from Arram Pathri to Aru. Same-day Drive to Srinagar Airport

Embark on the final leg of your trek, trekking from Arram Pathri to Aru, covering a distance of 8 km in approximately 6 hours. After reaching Aru, we will arrange a drive to Srinagar Airport, allowing you to catch your return flight on the same day.